Board Meetings

AF Board Meeting 12 March 2009

Minute of Meeting of Directors of Assynt Foundation held in Glencanisp Office on Thursday 12th March 2009 at 7.00pm

Don Campbell (Chair), Patricia Robertson, Tony Usher, Davy Robb, Robbie Mackenzie, Stephen Smith, Claire Belshaw, Fergus Stewart, Alastair Macaskill.

In Attendance Mark Lazzeri (DM), Adam Pellant (PO), Alex Dickson, Graeme Perrie

1 Apologies none

2 Minute of 12th February 2009 Proposed Tony, Seconded Patricia

3 Matters arising

Second Vice Chair – Robbie Mackenzie was proposed by Davy and seconded by Tony. No objections.
Land near hatchery – The clerk of Badnaban Common Grazings will contact Nick Gorton to establish whether the land in question is on the Common Grazings or not.
O4O Conference – AF had had information from an O4O employee that the plan is not to have the conference in Assynt after all. This decision is to be challenged at a meeting next week.
Glencanisp road – UBC have been asked to fill in the pot holes but no reply yet. AF to approach Church of Scotland to acquire the solum of the road to allow AF to maintain it.
SCVO – individual involved has moved out of the parish.
Walled Garden – Jenny’s lease is now top priority. Action Mark. Weed suppressant has arrived

4 Redevelopment Project

Interior – specifications for bathrooms and bedrooms is almost complete.
There is a meeting with the design team tomorrow. The board agreed to instruct the architect to go out to tender as soon as possible.
Location of woodstore – this was discussed at length and agreed to have it in its original location by the walled garden. The issue of ownership of the land near the hatchery will be persued for use in later years.
Loans – The Charity Bank application had been unsuccessful and so we were back to Social Investment Scotland. Meeting HC next week about them acting as bankers for the project.

5 Development Manager’s Report

Deer Count – Drumrunie only, had been cancelled and may take place tomorrow.
Glencanisp would cost us £6000 which we could not afford.
Stalker provision – No stalkers are employed at present. Stalking sub committee to meet and report back to next board meeting (AF and
Welsh assembly – a group of 10 wish to meet with AF on Monday 30th March.
Scarf (Ledmore Forest) – Report and DVD has been delivered to and accepted by SCARF to release second part of grant. The final report will be ready mid April when directors will discuss and decide how to go forward.
Clan Macleod USA students – visiting Assynt July 2010, lodge would be full price.
Fire safety check – yes, go ahead with this.
Knoydart 10th anniversary – no directors available to go. Members to be asked.

6 Project Officer’s Report
HIE Business Panel – Decide at a later date when more info available.
Lodge Pricing – to be left to

7 New Directors for – notices to go up around the parish. Patricia left the room. Russell Robertson was proposed by Claire, seconded by Fergus. No objections.

8 Finance – Tony presented a budget summary which showed almost all expenditure items under budget at present. Next year will be very difficult with the lodge closed for 9 months and we are looking at a shortfall of £10,000 - £15,000 plus the loan repayments.

9 AOCB –

Revenue funds –Davy suggested we look for revenue funds for Mark’s post.
AEDG – Alastair reported that they will hear about the Climate Challenge Fund application in the next couple of weeks.
Arts meeting – Fergus had attended a meeting with HIE re Arts in Community Land Initiatives.
Member’s email – Don explained that there had been an email from a member making serious allegations about two of our directors, implying conflict of interests, and having an unseen advantage by being directors.
Don stated that he had total confidence in the honesty and integrity of both the directors named. He took very seriously any allegations that his board could be swayed by directors not acting in the interests of the board and the people of Assynt. This board has a strong policy and procedures to deal with conflicts of interest and each director has signed forms on files declaring their business interests. Directors absent themselves from the room when a conflict of interest is being discussed. If a member has a grievance then there should be an EGM to discuss it.
Tony said that it is not unusual to have board members who have private or commercial interests similar to those of the board. Alastair agreed with all that had been said on the matter.

Next meeting Thursday 2nd April