Board Meetings

Board Meeting 2 April 2009

Minute of meeting of Directors of Assynt Foundation held in the office at Glencanisp on Thursday 2nd April 2009

Don Campbell (Chair), Tony Usher, Patricia Robertson, Robbie MacKenzie, Alastair Macaskill, Claire Belshaw, Fergus Stewart, Davy Robb

In Attendance Mark Lazzeri (DM), Adam Pellant (PO), Alex Dickson

1. Apologies Stephen Smith

2. Minute of 12th March 09 Proposed Fergus, seconded Patricia

3. Matters arising
Land near hatchery Badnaban Common Grazings does go up the hill towards the northern boundary of the estate. Still awaiting further information from our solicitor.
040 Conference Mark and Patricia attended the AGM of Assynt Tourism Group to explain need for accommodation for attendees. 040 are still keen for AF to tender to run the conference.
Glencanisp Road (Glebe section) A letter is to be sent to the Church of Scotland with our concerns and photos. Still supportive of AF registering an interest in the road. Agreed to pursue the register of interest.
Walled Garden no lease yet. Garden group to meet Action Claire
Welsh Assembly Civil servants visited on 30th March. Day went very well with positive feedback from CLU.
Scarf (Ledmore Forest) all grant money is in. Mail out of DVD to happen.
New Directors for Assynt.Biz there had been no response to local notices.
Simon Allen Proposed by Alastair, seconded by Patricia
Michael Dwyer Proposed by Robbie seconded by Fergus
AEDG There will be a public meeting shortly about the Climate Challenge Fund

4. Redevelopment Project
Building control has 13 requirements for design team most had been expected. Fire protection zone at top of main stairs to be secure or alternative route for back bedrooms. Back door to open out not in, front door to have hinges changed. Disabled WC to be next to front door. Disabled bathroom to be changed to allow wheelchair into shower. New rear fire escape stair needs a ramp at the bottom (!) Several other changes to do with water treatment and banister height.
GoodEnergy will grant aid photovoltaics and pay for surplus units. AF is eligible for grant aid towards private water supply treatment.
Still progressing talks with Highland Council re support.

5. Stalking
A note of the subgroup meeting on 23 March had been circulated
The board considered each recommendation made on an individual basis and agreed each one unanimously.
6. Development manager’s report
Annual management report had gone to SNH. Susan Davies director of Northern Region of SNH will be here on 22 April
27 April is the Sutherland Summit
Rosanna Cunningham MSP will visit in May.
Land Management Contract application form had been done for SEERAD
Neil Gerrard of CLU intends to visit on the last Friday of each month.
Furniture removal/ disposal from lodge. Homeaid will collect.

7. Project Officer’s report
Most of Adam’s report had been covered in item 4
AF will meet with Anne Sutherland of HIE to discuss the AF Growth Plan soon.

8. Finance
Tony presented April’s Budget Summary. There was a good surplus at this stage. Tony also presented next year’s budget. There will be a deficit and so we will start the following year short of funds.

9. Newsletter
Claire will liaise with Patricia F-S and will coordinate articles.

10. AOCB
Ledbeg House – There had been a request for an update. AF would need to find match funding for the work needed but already had a lot on just now with the lodge needing all the funding we can find. It will be renovated and let out when AF can manage it.

Next meeting Thursday 14th May.